The prestige is earned.

In a world of constant change, only the quality transcends. In Negretek, this has been the goal of our company for over 20 years. Since our inception in the manufacture of security systems, we have used revolutionary technology.


Innovation has been our standard.

Talk is cheap, but suffice it to say that within our major accomplishments is the code anti-theft system which prevents any system operated by remote control to be disabled by intruders. Today, it is considered the safety standard remote worldwide and has appeared on the "Modern Marvels"®  program at the "HISTORY CHANNEL" ®.


Always at the forefront: from vehicles to the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico.

The passion for audio equipment has been the engine of our company and we have always been concerned about providing the highest fidelity. As a result, Negretek directed by Alejandro  Negrete, has been called to design sound projects where no one had been able to solve it.





structured cabling

audio rooms

intelligent systems

lightning design  and controls


business rooms



CCTV video surveillance cameras